"Thank you for providing the 2nd Grade Safari™. It was a great opportunity for our kids to experience wild animals. It was beneficial to be involved in the safety and self esteem activities. Everyone had a great day!"
-Nancy Centerville, WA
"I would be honored to endorse your child safety project. When I was a police officer I participated in a smaller scale event similar to what you are doing and believe it is a worthy activity."
-Senator Honeyford, WA
We have chosen the second Friday in May to hold this event. If you are interested in hosting your own Second Grade Safari™ in your school, please contact us for information about grants available to help pay for your event and how to organize your Second Grade Safari™.
Where kids can meet and interact with service providers and animals in their own community
The use of animals is an important part of Second Grade Safari™. We present several animals and teach everyone how they live. We show how animals are not that different from us; they have loving parents and learn from them just as we do. Animals help make the experience a lasting and memorable event. Who doesn't love petting a baby kangaroo for the first time?
Second Grade Safari™ is fun for people of all ages! To learn more about Second Grade Safari™, please see the links above. The "Students" section is made especially for our second grade safari-goers. Full of pictures and information about your favorite animals and games to play, we invite you to stop on in! Parents, you can click on the "Parents" link to learn more about how the Second Grade Safari™ can help educate your child while letting them have fun at the same time. Educators and anyone else interested in helping your school have your own Second Grade Safari™, please visit the "Educators" section to learn how to host your own Second Grade Safari™, and for ideas on activities leading up to your special event.
Second Grade Safari™ is an all day field trip that was organized to introduce second graders to the service providers in their community. They meet and interact with policemen, firemen, ambulance personnel, park rangers, life flight, bike safety demonstrators and more. This meet-and-greet allows second graders' to have a better understanding of what these people do, and how they are their friends. They leave this event with a positive attitude about these important caregivers.
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